Things you should know:

Nearly all of these are from The Columbus Dispatch. I’ll just bullet them and you can search if interested.
– E. Coli levels are super high right now on Buckeye Lake

- stop ever leaving your kids and/or pets in the car at any time you stupid people who even do this

- some guy wants to turn California into 6 different states. Kind of cool in my opinion

- Russia is really starting to piss people off

- Typhoons keep wrecking the Philippines

- Pregnant workers now have more rights since the government updated their info after like 30 years

- Lay’s chips could be dropping a cappuccino flavor. Eek

Huevos de rancho perezoso

Lazy Ranch Eggs

I love Huevos rancheros, but today I did them my way aka, the lazy way.
I did not have tortillas OR salsa, but I had medium taco sauce! That works, right?!
2 eggs
3 pieces of bacon
shredded sharp cheddar
Medium taco sauce (or whichever heat you prefer)
2 pieces of bread
butter or margarine (for the toast)
I baked my bacon in the oven at 395 for about 13 minutes. It seems that different bacon calls for different cook times and temps. I’ve been playing around with it. I’m thinking next time it will be 385 for 15 minutes and see if that perfects my bacon. Regardless, cook it to your liking using your preferred method.
While the bacon is cooking, grab your bread and throw it in the toaster, but don’t toast it just yet. We are just prepping.
Grab 2 eggs, cheese, and taco sauce out of the fridge.
Spray your skillet and heat that baby up over medium heat.
With about 5 minutes left on the bacon, throw your eggs into the skillet.
We will cook them over easy. Flip them a bit early.
Toast your bread right after your first flip of the eggs
Then flip the eggs back over when ready and sprinkle some cheese on top. (Cover if you have one for your skillet to help the cheese melt)
Turn off the heat and let the cheese melt (just don’t over cook the eggs)
Now slide those eggs onto your plate and pour some of that taco sauce into the skillet. Careful, it might splatter – maybe I didn’t turn off the heat like I told you to do. =) All you want to do is heat it up (since it’s kept in the fridge after opening)
Grab a flexible spatula and pour the sauce over each egg
Butter your toast, throw the bacon on the plate and enjoy.
It’s def not the real thing, but it works if you don’t have all of the normal ingredients. Hope you enjoy!
I wasn’t planning on posting this recipe until I ate the thing and well, it was darn good. I’ll try making it again soon and post a pic. Take care! Ask questions if you want!
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Things I can work on:

  • When I start a project, finish that project before starting another one
  • Continue to work on my patience
  • Even though video games are a hobby of mine, spend more time working on moto
  • Create a chore list for everyone in the house and stick to it
  • Get more sleep
  • Think first, talk/react second
  • Try actually counting to 10 (see above)
  • Spend less money
  • Save more money
  • Pay off debt quicker
  • Remember I deserve nothing
  • My diet (stop eating out, fool)
  • Cook more, eat better
  • Supporting local business
  • Being thankful for what I have
  • Help other people get what they want
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If Everyone Knew

If Everyone Knew

Knowledge is power. What do we have here?

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“Same Love”


So their new album is awesome. Rap that means something, which to me is more Hip Hop, because Rap has turned into a bunch of BS about money and buying crap over a nice beat. Hip Hop to me, has always been less about the beat (however usually very good) and more about what the person is saying. This album is one of those albums, and the song “Same Love” is speaking about something that needs to be talked about. Homosexuality and it’s perception.

Let me break it down so you know my stand:

1) It is NOT a choice.
2) I could care LESS what the Bible says about homosexuality, or your church, pastor, or anyone or anything else that claims homosexuals are going to hell and that’s the end of the story. If God came to me today and said “Matt! This is GOD, and I’m super serious about that whole Homosexuals going to Hell thing!” I’d be like..”Cool God, ill be spending a lot more time with them then, cause that’s a load of crap. TTYL.”
3) It is not CONTAGIOUS.
4) One of my oldest and best friends is gay. Say something to piss me off.
5) Gay guys aren’t all feminine acting. Many like motorcycles, building stuff, camping, playing sports, and doing what we would all consider “normal guy stuff”. So stop being ignorant.

So yea, I support the right to marry whomever we love. And every other normal human right everyone should have.

Now listen to the song and/or read the lyrics in the link below and enjoy some good music with a great message.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Same Love Lyrics

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